Tucker: Colbert Is Now a ‘Karen;’ The Guy Who Took a Picture on Pelosi’s Desk Is Funnier than the Dog Puppet

‘He is a Karen, a brittle middle age women who’s always lecturing you about something’


CARLSON: "We're not trying to belabor the point, but the guy's not a comedian. You watch a comedian, you think, 'That guy's hilarious, I'd love to meet him.' Imagine eating a meal with Stephen Colbert. Chances are you somehow offend him over the course of a typical dinner by saying something he finds offensive. What are the chances of that? 100%. Stephen Colbert is a Karen. He's a brittle, middle-aged woman who's always lecturing you about something. In fact, he's Elizabeth Warren! They even look alike. Have you seen them in the same room recently? No. Sad. He was talented at one point, so was Robert Smigel. That's one of the Colbert employees who was also arrested last week. Smigel's been doing his dog puppet routine for 30 years. That's someone that Colbert is now hiding behind. 'It was just a dog puppet!' The dog puppet was kind of funny during the Clinton administration. It's pure hackery now.”

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