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Grabien offers a full suite of tools for hosts and producers (TV, radio, podcasts), corporations, PR firms and media personalities, and just hard-core news junkies. Wherever you are in the news ecosystem, we’ve got something you’ll enjoy. Promise!
Cull through a library of millions of clips, news stories, transcripts, and photos.
Self-serve clips from your favorite news, TV, or other programs in any format.
Share your clippings, GIFs, or even your live events with powerful and smart tools.
ShowCaster *
* Coming soon

Concierge Services

Our concierge service provides the below-market rates of freelancers – but without any of the uncertainty. We only work with the best in the business.
Clip Orders
Tell us the station (we can access pretty much anything), the preferred format, and we'll send a quote. We can dig as far back as 2002.
Just $2/minute. We're fast, cheap, and reliably deliver clean transcripts. We can handle time stamps and most closed captioning formats. We can also handle French/Spanish/Arabic translations.
Media Specialists
Grabien's a community of media pros. We can help with video editing, musical scoring, motion graphics, and more.
Let us help you. Submit your job below and we'll send a quote.
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We only work with the best.

We provide the below-market rates of freelancers – without any of the uncertainty.


Cull through our vast media databases featuring millions of news clips
(both video and audio), transcripts, photos, and more.
NewsBase ClipsBank
Whatever you need, find it here

Grabien's been clipping the news for the biggest names in the business for years. Our coverage is comprehensive. If there's a clip you need, we've got it.

Need a transcript? We're building a database of full-length news programming, and they're all searchable and accessible.

In partnership with Getty/iStockphoto, our PhotoBank provides discounted access to millions of licensed news and stock photos.


  • Browse our massive, constantly updating database of pre-edited news clips
  • Apple filters to sort by person, date, location, words spoken, and more
  • All clips can be further customized exactly as needed


  • Search our comprehensive archive of full-length news programming
  • Create clips in formats from MP3 to 1080 HD
  • Search for specific words, on specific stations, over specific time periods
  • Clips delivered within seconds


  • Browse & buy millions of editorial and stock photos & videos
  • Photos & video clips are fully licensed
  • Find the perfect video and images within seconds without having to worry about copyright
  • Grabien clients receive discounted rates over retail prices


  • Full-length transcripts from major news events
  • Transcripts updated constantly
  • Ready for downloading/sharing


Create your own clips from full-length news programming, radio, and podcasts – in any format.
LiveClipper NewsMonitor
Our suite of clipping tools is revolutionizing media production

Start by monitoring all major live news events simultaneously (up to 10 concurrent feeds), then when news breaks, pop out a player and begin clipping (or grabbing screencaps); if you missed something, open the NewsBase and use the NewsClipper to create the clip you need.

Clips are delivered almost immediately and everything's transcribed. Publishers can embed content straight from Grabien (saving time); radio shows can feed Grabien directly into the board (no more emailing clips around).

We build tools we know are needed having worked in these industries ourselves.

In today's news, speed wins. Get the advantage.


  • Tune into a live news event, and create clips in real time
  • Monitor a transcript scrolling in real time
  • Create clips by simply highlighting a portion of the transcript you need a clip of
  • The LiveClipper also supports immediate screengrabs


  • Create clips from an archive of full length news programming
  • Clipping is as easy as highlighting the portion of the transcript you need
  • Clips available in formats from MP3 to 1080 HD


  • Create clips from virtually any TV station in the world
  • All video formats supported
  • Transcripts available


  • Pull clips from thousands of radio shows
  • Access broadcasts from almost every major market in the U.S.
  • All audio formats supported
  • Transcripts available


  • Create clips from your favorite podcasts
  • If a podcast you need clipped is not in our database, add it!
  • Clips delivered immediately


  • The most comprehensive way to cover the news
  • Watch every major news event … simultaneously!
  • Pop open any news feed and begin creating clips … in real time!
  • Clips delivered almost instantaneously


  • Monitor live news feeds on a single page
  • Create clips in real time
  • Monitor TV, radio + internet-broadcasts simultaneously


Share your clips, GIFs; even soup up your org's livestreams by making them clippable/shareable.
GifsGallery GifCreator
Get yourself seen. Gifs, clips, and even live event media services.

Being first means being fast; for publishers, it means getting all of the in-bound links. Being fast means removing steps that others waste their time with. With immediate publication (no downloading/uploading), you'll have clips up seconds after you saw it happen.

And with the LiveShare, your org will be able to provide livestreams that the audience can easily clip into share-worthy highlights, and spreading word of your event via their personal circles of influence (Facebook and other social media), their personal influence base.

Let your audience work for you.


  • Making gifs has never been easier
  • Immediately create gifs from any video on Grabien, YouTube, and other popular platforms


  • Grabien’s LiveShare is a next-generation live stream service
  • Use your audience to help spread your message!
  • As viewers watch your event, they can easily create clips in real time, sharing them on social media, websites, email lists, etc.
  • Let your audience do your marketing, and get more mileage out of every event


  • Another tool for radio shows to save precious time
  • The ShowCaster automates the removal of commercials from your show recording
  • Now every program can quickly be turned into a podcast
  • Enter the settings once, and never manually edit your show again!

The Biggest Names in Media Use Grabien

Grabien offers a full suite of tools for aspiring journalists, gonzos, and large media operations. Our tools are powerful individual products, but even moreso when used cohesively.
The Rush Limbaugh Show Mediaite The Washington Examiner Daily Beast The Hill The Recount Trump 2020 Delaney for President in 2020 RNC Parscale Strategy Glenn Youngkin NRSC NRCC National Republican Campaign Committee Kim Klacik Sean Hannity Show Laura Ingraham Newsmax iHeartRadio Salem Radio Network Westwood One Cumulus Radio America Entercom CNN NBC News CBS Radio Rebel News Townsquare SRN News USA Radio networks Talk Radio Network Dan Bongino Show The Dana Loesch Show Media Matters The Daily Wire The Daily Caller National Review Free Beacon ZeroHedge Independent journal review PJ Media The Federalist Newsweek Townhall.com HotAir BizPac Review Weasel Zippers TheFirstTV Real America's Voice RAV Turning Point USA Javelin Best Guest Media SKDK Knickerbocker Pace PR RLJ PR Praetorian PR The Hugh Hewitt show The Ben Shapiro Show Buck Sexton Show The Mike Gallagher Show The Stephanie Miller Show The Larry Elder Show Seb Gorka Show Mark Levin Chris Salcedo Show Trish Regan Show Thom Hartmann Program Savage nation NewsBusters The Resurgent MRC CNS News Today News Africa The Blaze Raw Story MediaDC Contemptor LifeZette Daily Surge The Dennis Prager Show The Erick Erickson Show Bannon War Room Louder with Crowder The Ben Ferguson Show Tony Katz The Eric Metaxas Show The Hill - Rising Glenn Greenwald Peter Schiff Show Aaron Rupar Public Notice Bill Martinez Show John Gibson Bill Bennett's Morning in America Bryan Crabtree Show The Daily Signal Campus Reform Crooks & Liars VOA Lonely Planet UBS American Financial Exchange Abercrombie & Kent Discovery Institute FDRA X Strategies Howe Creative Poolhouse Relentless Strategies Raconteur Media Company Targeted Victory Free Think Bahnsen Group Nicholas Wealth Management Portfolio Wealth Advisers Dhillon Law Group Hargan Group Thomas Partners Hyman Law Firm Seth Harris Law Ken Lindner & Associates Forward Publishing Arsenal Media Group Quake Media WYD Media Management Crossover Media Group The Heritage Foundation NAACP Americans for Tax Reform Claremont Institute American Conservative Union Brookings Hudson Institute Pacific Legal Foundation Miller Center National Taxpayers Union National Security Institute Steamboat Institute Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission Conservative Partnership Institute CPI America First Policy Institute AFPI Independent Women's Forum LeadershipInstitute Act for America American Bridge PAC Rainey Center Stand up Republic SUR Accountable.US Alliance Defending Freedom Young America Foundation (YAF) FEE Freedom Works Liberty Government Affairs Americans for Prosperity California Republican Party RNC War Room Eric Greitens for Senate Matt Gaetz Michigan Republican Party GOP White House House of Representatives The Senate Texas Attorney General Texas Atlanta Colorado FM NewsTalk KNST KRLA KFAQ Tulsa's Talk Radio KTTH The Truth 710 KNUS News/Talk KHOW AM Newsradio 1290 WJNO Weki News Talk 1530 KFBK Rock 108 KFMW KPRZ KCOL-AM WPRO WHO AM Kelo News Talk KIVA-AM KIT AM 850 WFTL News Talk I 540 KXEL Kokz 105.7 KRLA1 News Talk 550 KFYI 94.3 Real Radio KSTE-AM WRNW WTKI WYRD-AM WLNI KXEW KVOC-AM WISN WPHT WJFN KIDO-AM WWZR-FM WFBC WPWT

“I’m addicted to Grabien. I used to use TVEyes because our company had an account, but Grabien's clearly just a superior platform for people like me.”

Benny Johnson
The Daily Caller

“It's really a FANTASTIC resource for radio/TV media people … I live on this website.”

Julia Hahn
Assistant to the President
The White House

“I love Grabien Enterprise so so much. It's so easy to use and is incredibly helpful with research.”

Bre Payton
The Federalist

“Just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of your website. Really helps us producers in the morning. Keep up the excellent work!”

Sean O’Rourke
Associate Producer
Fox News

“We've used every media clipping and monitoring service out there. Critical Mention has performed disastrously over the past 6 months with clip quality and networks pulling their coverage from CM; their media monitoring suite is, however, pretty good but expensive. Grabien has filled the void with excellent clips, remarkable customer service and super quick turnaround time. Highly recommend.”

Keith Urbahn

“You guys are amazing”

Jason Mosse
Sean Hannity Show

“These new tools have cut my prep time in half. Very powerful for live features too. I actually created a Blaze segment around the NewsMonitor.”

Chris Salcedo
The Chris Salcedo Show

“We absolutely ADORE your service, I don't think we could do an effective show without it. Thank you for all the hard work you do!”

Miranda Moreno
Executive Producer
America Now with Meghan McCain

“We LOVE Grabien!  Don't know what we would have done without it. Thank you for all you do.”

Alexandra Datig
Executive producer
The Larry Elder Show

“Grabien solves a problem that has bugged me for years, which is how to get video clips and transcripts of newsmakers blog-ready as fast as possible without having to record, cut and post them all myself. That can take hours for one clip, but Grabien makes it possible to get videos ready to post in a few minutes. I've been using the site for a couple of weeks and have already found it indispensable.”

Bryan Preston
PJ Media

“Your service is amazing!”

Mark Daniels

"Tom and his company are fantastic. If you are not using Grabien for your media needs then you are with the wrong company. Hyper responsive, no matter what time of day; Tom and team are always ready to assist. Can not say enough great things about this company!"

Jonathan Wackrow
Law Enforcement Analyst
CNN, U.S. Secret Service

"Just wanted to also let you know how much I appreciate the site. I use it frequently, especially when I’m trying to find that unique clip for a particular story. You guys do great work."

Michael Brown
The Michael Brown Show

"I am always trying to keep up on current events and follow on-the-record remarks by politicians and those in the media. Grabien is great for doing this."

Eric Ladny
Fault Lines

“Using Grabien to get my TV clip was such an easy and efficient process. Not only will I use the service again, I’ll certainly refer it to others."

Jawn Murray

“Grabien has TRANSFORMED my show. It has been fantastic”

Dan O'Donnell
Common Sense Central, WISN

“I’ve always viewed Grabien as the ultimate producers' crowd source of show prep. Every talk show in America, TV or radio, should be using Grabien for show prep.”

Duane Patterson
Executive Producer
The Hugh Hewitt Show

The folks over at Grabien are quickly becoming one of my favorite content producers on the internet. They have a knack for isolating the important takeaways from extended footage of events and boiling them down to their essential parts.

Blaine Traber
NOQ Report

“At WISN, we totally love Grabien. Your whole staff does excellent work!”

Jerry Bott
Program Director

Any Industry, Any Role

Grabien offers a powerful suite of tools for journalists, producers, hosts, corporations, PR firms, podcasters, media personalities, and the mass news audience.
Online News
Online News
  • We clip the news for you (transcripts available)
  • Discounted access to Getty/iStockPhoto's entire library
  • Clip news events in real time with the LiveClipper
  • Watch every major news event simultaneously with the NewsMonitor
  • Create news clips from existing Internet videos
  • With Grabien Syndication, you can embed a clip with an accompanying article – and an ad – helping you save time and earn money
  • We clip the news so you don’t have to.
  • If you need something specific, we'll grab it. (We can get… pretty much anything.)
  • Clip news events in real time with the LiveClipper
  • Watch every major news event simultaneously with the NewsMonitor
  • Clip from an archive of full-length news programming
  • Automate the process of removing commercials for podcasts
  • Automatically label your clips and create cut lists/sound sheets
  • Barter accounts available via our partnership with Premiere Networks
PR/Media Personalities
PR/Media Personalities
  • We'll clip your hits in 720 & 1080 HD
  • Edit your clips as needed (remove other guests, stitch clips together)
  • Lossless audio
  • Clean transcripts available
  • We can update/manage your YouTube, Vimeo, and social media accounts
  • Screengrabs from your TV hits
  • Corporate discounts available
  • Translation services (Spanish and French)
  • We can transcribe your podcasts quickly, accurately, and cheaper than anyone else.
  • With our PodcastClipper, you can quickly pull out highlights from your favorite podcasts
  • Our NewsBank provides access to news clips and complete transcripts
  • Discounted access to Getty/iStockPhoto's entire library
  • With our LiveShare, you can stream your events while viewers can share highlights to their social media / personal websites, so your message gets immediately amplified
  • Grabien's transcription team is fast, accurate, cheap – & available for hire
  • Translation services (Spanish and French)
  • You can read our original reporting at Grabien News
  • Create your own gifs from Grabien clips & YouTube videos
  • Watch live news streams
  • Discounted access to Getty/iStockPhoto's entire library
  • Create news clips from existing Internet videos
  • Our NewsBank provides comprehensive access to news clips and complete transcripts