Tucker: Colbert’s Team Harassed MTG, By Definition, It’s an Attack on Democracy

‘Preventing her or any other member of Congress from fulfilling her duties as a representative is by definition an attack on democracy’


CARLSON: “In fact, Jake Auchincloss has a recent history of condoning criminal behavior in the Capitol. Just this March, surveillance cameras in the complex caught Jake Auchincloss’ chief of staff, that would be a former Adam Schiff staffer called Tim Hysom, vandalizing the front door of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene's Personal Office. Hysom did this not once, but several times, violently, like a man obsessed. Capitol Hill police quickly filed an arrest warrant against him because Tim Hysom clearly posed a threat to a member of Congress. But Jake Auchincloss did not fire him. Instead, Jake Auchincloss defended Hysom’s vandalism as noble and justified. 'Our office is not going to apologize,' read a long and self-righteous statement from Jake Auchincloss. In other words, 'We don't like Marjorie Taylor Greene's politics. Therefore, we can do whatever we want to her and we will.' For the most part, the media ignored the story, so Jake Auchincloss and Adam Schiff felt emboldened to go further. They invited Colbert's employees to the Capitol to harass Marjorie Taylor Greene some more, which is what they were trying to do when they were arrested by Capitol Hill Police. Now, whatever you think of her politics, Marjorie Taylor Greene is a sitting member of Congress. Preventing her or any other member of Congress from carrying out official duties as a public representative is, by definition, an attack on democracy. So, how is what Stephen Colbert did different from what the protesters on January 6 have been convicted of doing? That's a very good question, and it's a question that Colbert himself spent the weekend thinking about. His conclusion? Well, unlike Trump voters, Stephen Colbert is a very good person. Therefore, any comparison to Trump voters is not simply ridiculous, it is a moral crime.”

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