Christopher Hill: Trump’s Trying to out-North Korea the North Koreans

‘Certainly it makes people nervous when they’re not quite sure what he means by it’

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RADDATZ: I guess that's taking a long time in several places. Let's go to President Trump, though. You have mentioned others. You have mentioned the vice president. He has had some very aggressive language. Does that help or make it more difficult?

HILL: Well, I think he's trying to out-North Koreans the North Koreans. So let's see if that works. Certainly it makes people nervous when they're not quite sure what he means by it. And, you know, great powers can't really bluff.

So when you talk in those terms, you have got to be prepared to back it up. And I guess that's what worries people the most.

That said, I certainly appreciate the fact that he has understood this is a major issue. I mean, if I were President Trump, I wouldn't want to go before the American people in 2020 and say, well, you know, we gave it the junior college try and we decided there is nothing we can do about this.

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