CNN’s Tapper to Jack Reed: Did Obama Mislead the Public About the Number of Chemical Weapons in Syria?

‘I think there was still always a lingering suspicion first that there were some chemical weapons, a small amount perhaps that were retained’


TAPPER: "Let’s talk about the chemical weapon removal because President Obama and his administration heralded that a great degree. I want you to hear what President Obama’s former national security adviser Dr. Susan Rice said in January. Quote, we were able to find a solution that didn’t necessitate the use of force that actually removed the chemical weapons that were known from Syria in a way that the use of force would never have accomplished. We were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give us its chemical weapons stockpile. Dr. Rice got four Pinocchios from the 'Washington Post' fact checker on that comment today. Do you think the Obama Administration misled the public about how many of the chemical weapons had been removed from Syria?"

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