Scarborough Rips Trump over Syria: ‘He’s a Complete Hypocrite’

‘What the president of the United States gets paid to do is lead us together as a country at times of crises’


SCARBOROUGH: "What the president of the United States gets paid to do is lead us together as a country in times of crises. And him carping at the last president for the last president’s failures is unbecoming as, let’s say, Barack Obama carping at George W. Bush. I don’t remember Obama doing that specifically in this sort of crisis, but there always was that sort of carping. But by his own statement Donald Trump now puts the responsibility on his shoulders. OK, you’re criticizing Barack Obama for what he did not do in 2012, what are you going to do five years later? Because, now, you’re the president of the United States and I personally don’t care what he tweeted in 2013, I care what he said yesterday, and I care what he said today. So, Mika, the way I read that is, he’s being critical of the president for doing nothing when Assad used chemical weapons. Well Assad used chemical weapons. So what is Donald Trump, president of the United States in 2017 going to do, other than cozy up to Assad’s number one enabler in the world, Assad? Well unless he’s a complete hypocrite and we have every reason to believe that he is, he will do something about this. He will take strong aggressive action with the world community."

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