Schiff: W.H. Either Supportive of Flynn’s Contact with Russia or Has a ‘High Tolerance for Patent Falsehood’

‘It’s not as Kellyanne Conway says … misleading the vice president, it was the vice president that misleading the entire country’


SCHIFF: "Here is what really disturbs me, it wasn’t Flynn’s lie that brought him down. It was the public exposure of that lie. The White House, as you reported, knew about this weeks ago and did nothing to remove him. This is either a White House that was knowledgeable and supportive of these secret conversations with the Russians about sanctions or that simply has a very high tolerance for a patent falsehood. It’s not, as Kellyanne Conway says, a simple matter of his misleading the Vice President, it was the Vice President then misleading the entire country. They were okay with that when it hadn’t been exposed by the press." 

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