Stengel: This Might Be the End of America as the ‘Global Rudder that Steers Everything’

‘People want American leadership, they want American guidance’


STENGEL: "Henry Luce in 1941 wrote this great essay in 'Life' magazine — everybody thought it was in 'Time' magazine —about the American century, and it was before we god into World War II. He was trying to persuade people that we needed to get into World War II. But it was this vision of America as the architect of a global world order after the war, which, in fact, came to pass. We did create this liberal world order which the world still depends on. So to me, saying that this is the end of the American century, it’s not the end of American power. We are still powerful. But it might be the end of us as the global rudder that steers everything, that people depend on, you know, whether it’s NATO, whether it’s the EU. I think, having been traveling around the world for the past three years, people want that. People want American leadership. They want American guidance."

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