Noah: ‘U.S. Foreign Policy Might Be Determined by Where Trump’ Has a Hotel

‘At this rate, U.S. foreign policy might be determined by where Trump happens to have a hotel’

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NOAH: "Because at this rate U.S. foreign policy might be determined by where Trump happens to have a hotel. It's like the whole world is a  Monopoly board. And Trump's like, Syria it's fine, I don't have a hotel there, Russia, you can roll again. The guy was on a call with the president of Turkey and he still found the time to slip in a good word for his Istanbul business partner. Now here is the thing, if Erdogan is nice to Trump's business partner, there's a good chance  that Trump will owe Erdogan in reserve. Which is not good, because number one, no one wants to picture Trump scratching Erdogan's back And two, if you own him a personal favor, the favor he calls in could be for the U.S. to stop supporting his enemies in the Kurdish militia which are America's most effective allays in the fight against ISIS. So Trump's Turkish sky-scraper could end up hampering the battle against Middle Eastern terrorists."

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