General Jack Keane: New al Qaeda Video Shows ‘Confidence’

‘Their motivations have not changed one bit ... this group is very vocal about attacking the United States’

Keane: New Al Qaeda Video Shows ‘Confidence’ (Washington Free Beacon)

Retired General Jack Keane fired back at the Obama administration for saying that Al Qaeda is on the run and argued that the newly released Al Qaeda videois proof of the terror group’s “confidence.”

“Clearly, we have not seen anything quite like this except going back to prior 9-11…It [the video] reflects some of the confidence they [Al Qaeda] feel, justifiably so because they on the rise in the Middle East and in Northeast Africa…” Keane said of the newly released Al Qaeda video.

He continued, “Their motivations have not changed one bit…The objective has always been the same- to drive the United States out of the region so they can dominate it. This group is very vocal about attacking the United States.”

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