‘Morning Joe’ Panel: No Singular Achievement for Hillary at State Dep’t

‘I think that they wouldn’t try to do it as one issue’

SCARBOROUGH: "There is a question to ask. What was Hillary Clinton's main achievement as secretary of State? We've heard she was a great secretary of State, what's her one big achievement?"
HEILEMANN: "And I think that that will be, you know, when her book comes out in June, that's one of the questions that book is going to try to answer. Because she recognizes it's a question a lot of people will ask."
SCARBOROUGH: "So is there an obvious -- Chuck Todd -- what would the Clinton campaign say is the great achievement of Hillary Clinton as secretary of State?"
TODD: "I think that they wouldn't try to do it as one issue. I think they would say she was pushing her passions of expanding women's rights. She'd talk about what happened in Burma. She'd talk about the de-escalation that they had in Gaza preventing at the time when they thought there was going to be an escalation in Gaza at the time between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and getting Egypt too back off. So, but look, there isn't -- is there a one big, crowning achievement where you see her right there and then in a crisis moment as secretary of State especially compared to, for instance, John Kerry? I mean, in many ways the problem she's got about her four years as secretary of State is the comparison to John Kerry who's been -- he throws himself into every controversy. And Secretary Clinton, she would get involved, but she played a much more quiet role. She never liked to play as public a role as John Kerry. So I think that comparison is something she has to deal with on the campaign trail."

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