Katrina Pierson: Trump’s Praise of Saddam Hussein Was Just ‘Pointing out the Facts’

‘Saddam Hussein did kill terrorists’

Katrina Pierson: Trump’s Praise of Saddam Hussein Was Just ‘Pointing Out the Facts’ (Mediaite)

In an interview with CNN Wednesday, Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson argued that the Republican presidential candidate did not praise Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein during a speech Tuesday, saying that that he was only “pointing out the facts.”

“I want to get your reaction to why Donald Trump seemed to praise Saddam Hussein last night in a speech in North Carolina. He was especially pleased with the way Saddam Hussein dealt with terrorists. So why did he decide to bring this up?” asked CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

But Pierson argued that “there was no praise here. Mr. Trump was pointing out the facts– that Saddam Hussein was a horrible, horrible person– but he also pointed out the fact that there are people doing things in the Middle East that are far worse. We have people being beheaded, for crying out loud.”

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