Obama: ‘We All Know that Elections Can Sometimes Make Things a Little More Challenging’

‘People take positions in part two protect themselves from attacks during the course of election season’


BARACK OBAMA: "People didn’t think with the transpacific partnership that we would be able to get the authority to move it forward. And we got it done. People didn’t think we would be able to negotiate with 11 countries and have a deal that in fact the strengthen labor, and the strengthen environment of provisions, and yet we got it done. I think the same is going to be true here. I don’t anticipate that we will be able to have complete ratification of a deal by the end of the year, but I do anticipate that we can have completed the agreement. And then it will be presented to our various legislatures, our various parliaments, but at that point we will have the negotiations completed and people be able to see exactly what this would be good for our two countries. And with respect to Congress, and transpacific partnership, I think after the primary season is over, the politics settle down a little bit in Congress and will be in a position to start moving forward. Because I know that we have had a majority of members in the past who were in favor of this deal. Otherwise you would not have gotten the authority for me to go ahead and fast-track this agreement. But I think we all know that elections can sometimes make things a little more challenging. And people take positions in part two protect themselves from attacks during the course of election season."

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