Trump: ‘I’m OK with Some of the Press’ but Not All of It

‘Everybody loved it [press conference’]’

KILMEADE: "We have been waiting a little while for him, but we're finally ready for him. Trump on the phone from Florida. Congratulations, Donald Trump, on three big victories last night."
TRUMP: "Thank you very much, Brian. A great honor. I'll tell you, it was so amazing. It was just an amazing evening."
KILMEADE: "Hawaii came in late. I watched the press conference. What went into the decision to have a press conference -- a news conference rather than I just saying, I won, thanks, fans. I have to move on? Why you think that is that necessary?"
TRUMP: "It's been very interesting. A lot of people are liking the idea. I don't know if you're liking it--"
KILMEADE: "I love it."
TRUMP: "People are liking it. All of our lives we have watched people get up and rant and rave and talk about their victory and thanked us for that. I just felt that it was a really good time to talk just briefly about the victory, and if you have any questions. You know, I'm very open to the press. I speak to the press. I'm okay, with, you know, some of the press. Not all of it. But we ask and I will say that a lot of people are liking it. You know, most people have said they have never seen it before. I never have seen it before. I must say it started two weeks ago. I  was at Marlago. I was essentially with my family, and I had just watched somebody get up and rant and rave, and they had 2,000 people and the big audience. I said wait a minute, we have a big audience. What are we going to do? Let's have a press conference. And I did it and everybody loved it. Now we are doing it that way and I think it's better."

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