Trump: ‘I Fight Like Hell to Not Pay Taxes’

‘People are going to be surprised how little I pay’


LAUER: “Real quickly. When are you going to release your tax returns?”
TRUMP: “Probably over the next few months. They’re being worked on now.”
LAUER: “What’s the hold up?”
TRUMP: “They’re very — well, it’s the very big tax returns. The biggest, I guarantee you this, the biggest ever in the history of what we’re doing. So, it’s very complicated stuff. But we’ll be releasing that.”
GUTHRIE: “Will people be surprised at the rate you pay?” [crosstalk]
TRUMP: “I think they will be surprised how little I pay.”
GUTHRIE: “Lower or higher than expected?”
TRUMP: “You know, they’re going to be surprised how little I pay. I fight like hell not to pay a lot of tax. And you know what? Every politician probably does. I watched others where they say, ‘I want to pay taxes.’ I fight like hell not to pay taxes. I hate the way the government spends my money.”

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