Trump: ‘We Just Gave up So Much’ with Iran Deal and Hostage Swap

‘It’s nice to have our people back but it’s such a bad deal’

DOOCY: “Donald Trump is joining us now. Mr. Trump, good morning to you.”
TRUMP: “Good morning.”
DOOCY: “So what do you think about this Iranian deal? We got our people back, they got $100 billion back and some people who were in big trouble.”
TRUMP: “Well, they’re actually getting $150 billion and we are getting four people back, they’re getting seven, plus and I know you just mentioned that the 14 Interpol bad ones, they’re badies —“
DOOCY: “Yeah.”
TRUMP: “So, they’re getting them and they’re going to get oil and they’re going to get a lot of other things. They get a lot of things in the deal. It’s always nice to get people back, but they’re getting a lot of things in the deal. This is sort of an amazing thing. Actually, you know, I’ve been talking about this for years now about how we should have our people back, that we shouldn’t be negotiating until we get them. And then I heard they got back,  I said well that’s good finally. And I figure we’re just getting them back and I didn’t realize we’re giving up so much. We just gave up so much. It’s just such a bad deal. And it’s nice to have our people back but it’s just such a bad deal, it could have been so much better.”

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