Hillary: ‘I Know Some People Have Raised Questions’ About Accuracy of ‘13 Hours’

‘I can’t speak to a movie but I know people have raised questions about some of the dramatization’

TODD: "Very quickly, the movie '13 Hours,' about the incident in Benghazi. I know there's a lot of chatter about the movie itself. Let me ask you. The controversy involves whether or not everything was done that night to rescue Ambassador Stevens. Looking back, do you believe everything was done that night that could have been done to save his life?"
CLINTON: "Based on everything I know and based on a Republican-led intelligence committee investigation, a Republican-led Armed Services Committee investigation, the answer to that is yes. That people were scrambling trying to figure out what could be done, if anything. And I can't speak to a movie but I know people have raised questions about, you know, some of the dramatization. I testified for more than 11 hours, as you know, I answered every question I was asked. My real focus, Chuck, is what do we do to make sure that we send Americans into harm's way -- military or civilian, diplomats or soldiers -- we take every precaution to the best of our ability in what is an unpredictable and dangerous world to make sure they can discharge their duties and be safe while doing it."

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