Scarborough: Donald Trump ‘Has No Fear’

‘Trump will do what other candidates won’t do’


SCARBOROUGH: "You know, that actually is a really good point though."
BRZEZINSKI: "What's that?"
SCARBOROUGH: "Trump will do what other candidates won’t do. He’ll go into the lions den, he’ll go into the Vermont. I know a lot of people were shocked when he called in here. We hung up on him. He stayed on the line and came back and talked about 30-45 minutes. The guy shows no fear on the campaign trail and there are candidates literally who have witherred and shaken and sweated when they came on this set. The thing with trump is he has no fear."
HEILEMANN: "He goes up to that place and he has a lot of security and most of the people in the crowd are his fans. It’s not like he’s under a threat. I see that more as an active bravado. Political fear, I don’t know if there’s anything to fear. There’s delegates to have."
SCARBOROUGH: "I guess fear is the wrong word. Howard, it’s a different way of thinking. It’s like you when you were running back at the DNC. Guys, let’s not just stay comfortable. Let’s go to places where we’re not comfortable and talk to people worried about god and guns and gay marriage. Let’s not just sit in our cocoon. You did it and did a 50 state strategy. Guess what, Democrats did well because they got out of their comfort zone."

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