Meacham: Trump’s the ‘Embodiment’ of Fake News

‘It’s no mistake that this is the guy, no coincidence that he coins the term fake news’


SCARBOROUGH: "Jon Meacham, as you look at all those numbers, it is fascinating that Donald Trump will come out and say something that Bill Clinton beat 13 times was amazing, remarkable, the greatest thing ever. But Barack Obama would have had GDP growth of over 5 percent. And he would get out there and give a speech of we understand that somewhere in America people are still eating rats for dinner, so we’re not going to celebrate this yet. Like Barack Obama could never embrace good news. He always had to parse it. He always had to apologize for those left behind. It’s just the opposite of Donald Trump. And somewhere in the middle is a leadership style that actually works." 
MEACHAM: "I think that’s right. And I think this is a great exhibit in what I think would be one of the running themes in the books about this era is going to be that Donald Trump was as much a reality show impresario, as he was a real estate guy, he just pretends what he wants to be true is true. And has now inflicted that faux reality on all of us." 
MEACHAM: "One of — one of the great ironies of — and we always dislike in others what we fear is true in ourselves, it’s no mistake that this is the guy, and no coincidence that he coins the term fake news. He’s the embodiment of it."

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