Scarborough Praises Clinton: ‘Extraordinary Opportunity’ To Be ‘Unifying Figure’

‘What an amazing brand she would have to offer the American people right now. Even Republicans that are in search of a unifying strong leader against ISIS’


SCARBOROUGH: “Don’t look like a political hack taking the obvious punch. What Americans want now more than anything is strong leadership. Hillary Clinton has the greatest opportunity right now that she’s ever had in her political career than being a unifying figure. Don’t be a party hack. You’re going to beat Bernie Sanders by 30 points. In times like this when Americans are starving for strong stable leadership be that person. Don’t take the cheap shot. She doesn’t need that. What’s that going to help?”
HALPERIN: “There’s two things going on. One, she is morally and politically outraged on what’s going on in the Republican Party. She’s chipping that reaction and she doesn’t think Trump is going to be the nominee in the end. Her chances in winning an easy victory rather than having to sweat all next year is to use this period to destroy the Republican brand and that’s what she’s trying to do.”
BARNICLE: “The language of fear is universal. We have people running for president using the language of fear. There is fear in this country. We’ve been at war for 15 years. You can understand people’s fear. It’s also a prime opportunity for language of reason. It surprises me about Secretary Clinton’s language. She hasn’t adapted to language of reason. What do you think?”
DEAN: “I think it’s early to do that. I disagree with Nicole. I think she did look strong. That’s what is intended by the speech. It does come from the heart.”
WALLACE: “She and Dick Cheney agree for once. I thought she gave a great speech on ISIS and John McCain and Lindsey Graham had not been in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. There were a few things they might have in common. I think a better thing for her to be doing with her time is go back to who she was when she was a New York state senator and show how the committee governed as not a bipartisan in all cases, she was a strong Democrat but she was able to work across the aisle. People want to see the ISIS crisis solved by serious leaders, I think she could have a serious moment.”
SCARBOROUGH: “She’s going to win the Democratic nomination. What Americans want is a strong leader. I remember talking about her work as a senator and talking to Trent what early on. What’s Hillary like? She’s great. She’s bipartisan, she does her homework, she keeps her head down. I wish every senator was like her. It reminds me of the question asked David Petraeus. Joe Klein asks, what senator is best informed about your fight and what you need to win this war? And Petraeus said oh, you mean other than Hillary Clinton? What an amazing brand she would have to offer the American people right now. Even Republicans that are in search of a unifying strong leader against ISIS.”
KAY: “Yeah, no one’s ever going to fault Hillary Clinton for not doing her homework. She’s probably one of the best briefed people on the subject. I think what Mark is saying is right. Donald Trump won’t be the nominee and she’s going to be up against somebody like Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, perhaps or Jeb Bush. She has a weakness in the polling when it comes to national security. If she could use this Trump moment to make all of the Republican candidates look as if they are too far out of step on national security issues, come the actual voting in the general election she’s banking that this will help her.”
SCARBOROUGH: “All right Hillary gray, this is what I said on December 3rd, December 4th, December 5th. So what were you saying Hillary? Hillary Clinton has an extraordinary opportunity here. People in the campaign and Republican establishment who keep saying Donald Trump is not going to be the nominee, why? Give me evidence. This is like Republicans saying there’s no such thing as climate change. Give me a shred of evidence that suggest Donald Trump is not by and far the front-runner. How can you make that assumption on December 9th?”
GEIST: “Hillary Clinton is assuming Trump is the nominee.”

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