ABC News: Protests Erupt After Saudi Execution of Shiite Cleric

Raddatz: ‘The outspoken cleric’s only crime, says Iran, was calling for the overthrow of the Saudi Royal Family for mistreating Shiites’


STEPHANOPOULOS: "The dangerous escalation of tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The Muslim powers are breaking relations after Saudi Arabia executed a prominent Shia cleric supported by Iran and protesters take the Saudi embassy in Teheran. Martha Raddatz tracking all the latest from Washington. Good morning Martha."

RADDATZ: "Good morning, George. The cleric was part of a mass execution in Saudi Arabia. Most of those killed said to be members of al Qaeda, but the outspoken cleric's only crime, says Iran, was calling for the overthrow of the Saudi royal family for mistreating Shiites."

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RADDATZ (voice-over): "Uproar over the execution of Shiite Muslim cleric Nimr al Nimr. Protesters taking to the streets across the Middle East, Iran, Bahrain, Lebanon. Sheikh Nimr, one of 47 men accused of terrorism-related charges. Nimr was a leader for the Shiite empowerment movement. The Sunni government accusing him of inciting violence. His death prompting immediate retaliation in Iran. The Saudi embassy attacked with Molotov cocktails. Tear gas filing the air. Iran’s supreme leader vowing retribution for his death. Tweeting divine revenge will seize Saudi politicians. The Saudis fired back. The foreign minister saying the country is severing its ties with Iran. They were already littler bitter rivals. The three were hopes they could come together. This morning, that looks far less likely.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: "All right, Martha, thank you.”

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