Jeb: ‘Absolutely Absurd’ for Admin to Not Check Social Media of Visa Applicants

‘If you try to get a job at any casino or any business at FOX … of course the HR department would check the social media of the applicant’

ROBERTS: “The San Bernardino attack is likely to figure prominently tonight in particular, the news that U.S. immigration authorities did not look at Malik’s social media profile before issuing her a so-called K-1 visa. I spoke yesterday with the former Florida Governor Jeb Bush about that, he said as president he would change the system.”

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BUSH: “It is absolutely absurd. If you try to get a job at any — any casino or any business at FOX you would never have — of course the HR department would check the social media of the applicant. We’re now living in a world where people can’t — because of the ACLU worried about the civil liberties of this woman who was radicalized before she came? This is — this is absurdity beyond reason.”
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ROBERTS: “The lineup on tonight’s debate stage is going to be a little different than the last ‘FOX Business Network’ debate in Milwaukee. Donald Trump, again, will be center stage. But look at this, to his left Ted Cruz, because he’s been surging in the polls. Ben Carson will be to Trump’s right, Rubio beside Carson, Bush beside Cruz. And in the rest of them on the stage one thing interesting to note, Heather and Lia, is that Chris Christie is back on the big kid stage. That’s because he’s been focusing a lot on New Hampshire. The host network took those polls into account. And so, Christie back on the stage tonight hoping to make a big impression as well, because he’s really trying to make some moves up there in New Hampshire. Back to you.”

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