Fiorina: ‘Hillary Clinton Will Wipe the Floor’ with Donald Trump

‘Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton’s Christmas gift wrapped up under a tree’

FIORINA: “Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton’s Christmas gift wrapped up under a tree. Because if he were to be our nominee, and I do not think he will be, Hillary Clinton will wipe the floor with him, and we will lose the Senate, and we may well lose the House. I am the lump of coal in her stocking. I can beat Hillary Clinton, and I can turn this government into something competent that serves its people and protects its nation.

We cannot hand the presidency to a career politician again, but we also cannot hand our presidency to incompetent people to talk tough, but who won’t deliver, because they can’t deliver. Donald Trump says, for example you don’t want to know my strategy to defeat ISIS. That’s because he doesn’t know how to defeat ISIS.”

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