Paul: If We Listened to Rubio, Obama and Disposed Assad, ‘ISIS Would Be in Charge of All of Syria’

‘The ultimate victory there is going to be when civilized Islam rises up to defeat this barbaric form of Islam, that is, ISIS’



SCARBOROUGH: "[Senator, there's a new CBS poll that say over 63 percent of Americans support sending ground trips and Ted Cruz said we didn't have a stake in the civil war, we didn't have a dog in that fight. Do you think we should send more ground troops in to defeat ISIS?"

PAUL: "I think we have to learn from history. If there's one then we have learned is regime change didn't work. Every time we've toppled a secular dictator, we've got I don't know chaos in the rise of radical Islam. This need to be a big debate. I want to be part of it. When the American people hear the failure of our foreign policy in the Middle East, maybe they will choose another way."

SCARBOROUGH: "So should Assad stay in power based on that formula of what we've lived in the past.”

PAUL: "I think you have evil on one side and I don't think there as if Assad had been gone look all the others that want perpetual war, if we had toppled Assad, ISIS would be in charge of all of Syria now. The ultimate victory there is going to be when civilized Islam rises up to defeat this barbaric form of Islam that is ISIS."

SCARBOROUGH: "[ Let me ask you a question I've been asking foreign policy leaders on both sides of the aisle for the past year. It's provocative but in line with what you're saying and what a lot of people say off camera. Would the world be safer if Saddam Hussein, Mohamed Gadhafi and Assad were comfortably in power for today?

PAUL: "It a mistake to say we advocate for the dictators and a myself take to say woo vokt -- I don't want it to be missing Terp praeted. I think what we have is much worse.

SCARBOROUGH: "But their removal has led to a far more chaotic state.”

PAUL: “Absolutely. Every Sunday you'll see on the morning programs, you'll see Hillary Clinton, John McCain all calling for nor nation building. We have been wrong, wrong are wrong and we continue to listen. We have to whack up.”

SCARBOROUGH: "Thank you very much.”

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