National Black Farmers President: ‘We’ve Never Ever Faced a Food Shortage, and I Think That’s Coming’

‘For so long we’ve had and enjoyed lots of food or in this country’


BOYD JR.: "Well, most people don't know corn for instance, is in cornflakes and corn syrup. Soy beans are in all sorts of products that wind up in your local grocery stores. So when you don't have enough corn or you don't have enough wheat, or you don't have enough soy beans, those things, those are major items that we need to -- to make all -- all of these other products are not going to be in your local grocery stores like we've been used to. For so long we've had enjoyed, you know, lots of food in this country, so we've never, ever faced a food shortage, and I think that's coming in the coming months. The Biden administration that I've been urging to take more swift action still hasn't taken the action that's -- I believe -- that's needed."

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