Sen. Dick Durbin: ‘I Have Mixed’ Feelings About the President Going to Saudi Arabia

‘Their standards are not our standards, their values are not ours’


DURBIN: "Listen, I respect President Biden, I know he has a tough job dealing with gasoline prices, trying to find ways to find new sources and supplies to bring down inflation in the energy sector, and Saudi Arabia is a major player, full stop. Next point I want to make is that the Saudi Arabia record, particularly when it comes to Khashoggi, is an outrage. It's the type of thing that clearly it was a designed murder, and an effort to dispose of the corpse in a way that it could never be discovered. We now know what happened, at least to a large extent. And to say that’s just the ordinary course of business for a government is outrageous. So, I have mixed feelings on this, and if the president called me, I would say, 'Mr. President, you can’t trust these people. Their standards are not our standards, their values are not ours.'"

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