Watters: Sanctions in Russia Are Just Like Mosquitoes in Louisiana

‘They have always been there’


WATTERS: "And that’s just getting started. Yesterday, Biden laid out a series of sanctions against Russia. But sanctions in Russia are like mosquitoes in Louisiana. They have always been there. It's a way of life. They deal with it. Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. summed it up best, saying: 'I don’t remember a single day when our country lived without any restrictions from the Western world. We've learned to work in such conditions, and not only to survive but also to develop our state. There is no doubt that the sanctions introduced against us will hit global financial and energy markets. The United States will not be left out, with its ordinary citizens feeling the consequences of the price increase in full.' Biden’s sanctions are going to hurt Americans more than Russians. Oil supply is already tight and Russia, a big exporter, could just slow down the flow whenever it wants. So how do we protect ourselves?"

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