CNN: Supreme Court Blocks Biden Vaccine Mandate for Businesses, Backs Health-Care Worker Rule

‘They have blocked that vaccine mandate that applied to large employers, employers with 100 people or more’


SCHNEIDER: "Yeah, Victor and Alisyn, the Supreme Court has issued two decisions related to the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates. Remember, there were challenges that were heard just about a week ago in the Supreme Court, and this is what the Supreme Court has just come down with. They have blocked that vaccine mandate that applied to large employers, employers with 100 people or more. This was a vaccine mandate that effectively went into effect on Monday, just the masking portion of it, and the vaccine portion of that mandate was supposed to go into effect February 9th. Now that mandate is completely blocked. This is a mandate that would have affected about 80 million workers across the United States at large employers. Businesses had said to the Supreme Court, 'You need to block this.' The agency does not have the power. That’s OSHA. They do not have the power to put this mandate into effect. The Supreme Court agreeing with them. So that mandate is blocked. On the other hand, there was also another mandate that the Supreme Court was looking at. This was for healthcare workers, affecting about 10 million people. It was put into effect by Health and Human Services. The justices during arguments indicated that that might be okay and turns out the justices saying that mandate is okay. So we have a bit of a mix here for the Biden administration.”

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