Psaki Blames Trump for Iran’s ‘Aggressive’ Behavior Under President Biden

‘The fact that the former present ripped at the nuclear deal meant that Iran’s nuclear program was no longer in a box’


PSAKI: “Most importantly, none of the things we're looking at now, Iran’s increased capability and capacity, their aggressive actions that they have taken through proxy wars around the world would be happening if the former president had not recklessly pulled out of the nuclear deal, with no thought as to what might come next. And if you look at that step and the impact of that, the fact that the former present ripped up the nuclear deal meant that Iran’s nuclear program was no longer in a box and no longer had the most robust inspection regime ever negotiated, no longer had the tight restrictions on nuclear activity. And so now where we're at, even as these negotiations are ongoing, and as we conveyed back in December that we were a bit frustrated by the lack of seriousness that negotiators came to the table, they’ve come back and now we're back at the table again, as I noted. But because of the last administration pulling out of the nuclear agreement, now Iran's program has been rapidly accelerating, Iran directly attacked our partners in the Gulf and it’s proxies began attacking U.S. troops again in Iraq, and the United States has become totally — had become totally isolated internationally. So what we've been working to do is rebuild those relationships, our partnerships with countries around the world to get back to the table, so we can have that increased capacity and ability to see what is happening with the program.”

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