On Iran Deal, John Kerry Boasts He’ll Be Validated Six Months from Now

‘In six months, the world will know whether you’re right or I’m right, or whether you’re wrong or I’m wrong’

“With respect to your opening comment regarding the death knell of the sanctions, we just have to respectfully disagree, and in six months the world will know whether you're right, or I’m right, or whether you're wrong, or I’m wrong. And we're going to know. I don't agree with you. I do not believe it is the death knell of the sanctions because all of our partners are united. And we have enormous tools at our disposal. We are the ones who control access to the financial system in the United States, which is, you know, [INDECIPHERABLE] for almost any financial transaction in the world. We have huge ability and leverage to have an impact on people, that as I said to you earlier, we are going to be all over this. So I have great confidence in our ability to go forward.”

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