Kasich: Deporting Illegals ‘Is Not Right’; It’s Not ‘Humane’

‘The idea that we would go out, in cars, and hunt people down, it’s not doable’

[clip starts]

GARRETT (voice-over): “Ohio Governor John Kasich told CBS that unlike Trump, he supports a path to obtain legal status.”

KASICH: “I don't favor citizenship because as I tell my daughters, you don't jump the line to go to a Taylor Swift concert, you just don't do it.”

GARRETT (voice-over): “But opposes any effort to deport undocumented immigrants living here now.”

KASICH: “The idea that we would go out in cars and hunt people down, it's not doable. And secondly, I don’t think it’s right, I don’t think it’s human.”

[clip ends]                      

GARRETT: “Kasich came here to Colombia, South Carolina, to fill out that required paperwork and write the requisite $40,000 check to qualify for next February’s Republican presidential primary. Kasich now joins Jeb Bush, Florida Senator Marco Rubio on that ballot, but Charlie, you can bet more paperwork and more checks will be written to qualify for that Republican primary race.”

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Kasich: I Don’t Think Deporting Illegals ‘Is Right’