Eric Adams on Hurricane Ida: ‘We Screwed Up Our Planet and This Is the By-Product’

‘We need to change our conversation on how we deal with the climate change’


ADAMS: “We screwed up our planet and this is the byproduct of that screw up. And we have to be honest about how do we move our country and our cities in the right direction. And it is not going to be done by the next storm. We’re not going to build out our entire sewer systems, we’re not going to do what Copenhagen did overnight, we need to be honest. If 300 years or 100 yours ago we were receiving storms of this magnitude, we would have built differently. Now we’re here and now it's time to visit all of these countries across the globe that made the adjustments. We must do the same. Something that we can do within a short period of time, like building retaining pools in our parks now. And then we have long-term plans. As we build out sewer system, we can't build it out based on the previous rainfalls, we have to build it up based on monsoons. And if we're not honest about his conversation, we're going to lose more lives and we're going to see a greater level of property damage amount in our city.”

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