Montage: Fauci Gives Every Possible Answer on Masks & Covid

‘People should not be walking around with masks’

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FAUCI: “You do not need to wear a mask indoors. if, in fact, you've been vaccinated. (...) Good that you’re vaccinated, but in a situation where you have people indoors, particularly crowded, you should wear a mask. (...) So even if you are vaccinated, you should wear a mask. (...) If, in fact you are vaccinated, fully vaccinated, you are protected and you do not need to wear a mask outdoors or indoors. (...) When the children go out into the community you want them to continue to wear masks. (...) You know, if you look at -- at -- at children outside particularly one with the family walking down the street, playing a game or what have you don’t have to wear a mask. (...) The -- the -- the pediatric, the Academy of Pediatric actually makes that recommendation that children should be wearing masks from two years old onward.”

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