Pompeo: Biden Admin. Is ‘Foolish’ to Make ‘Idle Threats’ Against China’s Hacking

‘It’s a message that they should feel free to move about the cabin and do it again’


POMPEO: "Brian, it’s a message that they should feel free to move about the cabin and do it again. It's a message that says there will be zero costs imposed on you. If you think a statement from the United States, or frankly a statement from NATO or a statement from anyplace else is going to change the conditions for the Chinese Communist Party, if you think this will slow down this activity, this cyber activity, it’s foolish to think that. And, Brian, have you seen this before. We have all seen this before. It is worse when the United States draws red lines, when we say this is to be condemned or this is bad, and then we fail to take action. They see that as an idle threat. They see it as just a place they can drive a truck through. I don’t think this bodes well for our cybersecurity. I think the Chinese will come at this hard and they'll come at it until the Biden administration gets it right and doesn't just put out pieces of paper with words, but takes real and significant action."

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