Liz Cheney on Iran: ‘Of Course Dick Cheney Would Have Gotten a Better Deal’

‘Frankly, it’s hard to imagine anybody who wouldn’t have gotten a better deal given how bad this one is’

CHENEY: “I think it’s self evident that Dick Cheney would have gotten a better deal than this one. I am not sure why the president was so fixated on my dad there. But certainly it would be hard to have gotten a worse deal. You had a situation where John Kerry so willing and Barack Obama so willing to make concession after concession. Certainly, Dick Cheney would not have agreed to pay the Iranians $150 billion while simultaneously guarantee them pathway to nuclear arsenal. Certainly he wouldn’t have agreed to lift sanctions on the IRGC, on the Quds Force, on the IRGC air force. You would go down the list. He wouldn't have agreed to remove the restrictions on Iran’s ballistic missile program or on their conventional weapons imports. So I think, for some reason Dick Cheney was on the president's mind. Certainly Dick Cheney would have gotten a better deal. Frankly, it's hard to imagine anybody who wouldn't have got and better deal given how bad this one is.”

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