W.H.: If Congress Overrides Deal, Iran Will Get All the Benefits for Free

‘But if the U.S. Congress votes to kill this deal, Iran will get all the benefits of this deal without having to give up anything’

Iran Gets Everything for Free if Congress Overrides Deal, White House Says (Roll Call)

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest warned Iran would get what it wants even if Congress overrides the Iran nuclear deal. “Iran will get all of the benefits of this deal without having to give up anything,” Earnest said Friday.

He predicted the international economic sanctions would collapse and Iran would get the economic benefits it has sought anyway — and noted that even if American sanctions stay in place Iran has far more at stake economically with sanctions from other countries around the world.

“The problem is Iran is going to get all that money and the United States doesn’t get anything for it,” he said, predicting Iran would get sanctions relief from the international community even if they don’t reduce their stockpile, centrifuges or all-but-dismantle their plutonium-producing reactor. A vote to kill the deal is a “vote to allow Iran to get off scot-free and to get all the sanctions relief.”

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