CNN Calls out VP Harris: The Science Shows It Is Possible to Open Schools Safely Without Teachers Being Vaccinated

‘The answer the Vice President gave to Savannah Guthrie in that great interview wasn’t an answer to Savannah’s question’

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[clip starts]
GUTHRIE: “But if they’re not —“
HARRIS: “But —“ [crosstalk]
GUTHRIE: “— vaccinated, is it safe for them?”
HARRIS: “Well, I think that we have to decide if we can put in place safe measures. This is why it is so important we pass the American Rescue Plan. (...) Why does this connect with what we’re talking about right now? It’s going to be safer for our schools to reopen when we can get our schools the — the infrastructure needs, like helping them with their ventilation systems, helping them create social distancing with — with barriers."
[clip ends]
HARLOW: "So let’s bring in our chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Sanjay, good morning. Glad you’re here."
GUPTA: "Good morning."
HARLOW: "We’ve got a lot to get to but  the answer the vice president gave to Savannah Guthrie in that great interview wasn’t actually an answer to Savannah’s question. Savannah's question was is it safe to send them back if they’re not vaccinated? What does the science tell us about that? Because I think I were a teacher watching this right now, I would be very confused."
GUPTA: "Yeah, no -- no doubt. I mean -- and this has become a point of provocation. What does the science show? The science shows that it is possible to open schools safely without teachers having necessarily been vaccinated. And I realize that there are a lot of people who are confused by that and maybe even a little frightened by that. But that is what the science is showing.”

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