Gov. Cuomo: ‘You’ll See Reopening in New York City over These Coming Weeks’

‘You saw a lot of people leave New York City and other urban areas’


CUOMO: “I laid out in my state of the state, which is the state equivalent of the state of the union, a whole recovery plan, because urban areas, by and large, across the nation are truly suffering. You saw a lot of people leave New York City and other urban areas. And if you take away from New York City restaurants, arts, what’s the point of New York City? The city survives because of the density and the synergy with culture and arts, et cetera. We are starting a whole pop-up arts function, primarily in New York City, where you’re going to see the arts coming back. We’re through the holiday surge, so you’re going to see more economic activity opening up. And this is going to be a pivotal moment in urban areas all across the nation. And I think it’s a moment to actually rebuild our urban areas. Otherwise with Zoom, remote work, remote learning, you’re going to see urban areas suffer dramatically, I think. And we have to anticipate that and start the reconstruction now, as well as the reopening. And you’ll see reopening in New York City over these coming weeks.”

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