AOC: ‘Our Movement Will Personally Get Involved’ in Providing as Much PPE for Teachers as We Can

‘I will make sure that our movement will personally get involved in providing as much PPE as we can’


OCASIO-CORTEZ: “So, when it comes to PPE, what can we do? I know and, you know, I’m very thankful that our campaign and my office particularly, in addition to partnering with, you know, state senators, city council members, state assembly members in our community, we’ve been personally raising for PPE and other materials that are needed to make sure that we keep people safe in the community. And I can tell you, and I’m prepared to make the commitment right now, that if any of our schools are short on PPE for teachers, that I will personally and I’ll make sure that our — you know, that our movement will personally get involved in providing as much PPE as we can. But, that being said, schools should not be relying — just like so many other school supplies, we should not be relying on charity to make sure that teachers and school staff have the critical supplies that they need to do their job. And so, if some schools fall through the — you know, fall through the gaps in this policy decision-making, I’m willing to make the commitment right here and right now that we are willing to step up and try to get as much PPE for you all as possible.”

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