Dr. Vin Gupta: We Should Mandate Masks in Public Like We Ban Smoking

‘I shouldn’t have to breathe exhaled Covid-19 in somebody’s breath’


GUPTA: “Just like we ban indoor smoking because, you know what, you shouldn’t have to breathe somebody else’s secondhand smoke, I shouldn’t have to breathe exhaled COVID-19 in somebody’s breath. Nobody should. So we should institute mandatory masks in public when you can’t guarantee social distance. That means retail stores. That means public transportation, workplaces. That's absolutely where we should be headed. Makes no sense why we are not already there. We are encouraging it. People are flouting the rules. A security guard at a retail outlet in Michigan died trying to encourage a customer to wear a mask. They shot him because they didn’t like the way in which it was trying to be enforced, that policy. We need to not put the onus on security guards at local outlets to enforce this policy or to encourage Americans to abide by it. It’s in all of our best interests that we wear masks. The evidence is overwhelming. We just need governors to do their job.”

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