Dr. Vin Gupta: GOP Doesn’t Have Americans’ Best Interest at Heart; They Want to Win the Election

‘They don’t have Americans’ best interest in mind when it comes to their health’


GUPTA: “It’s odd, first of all, but it shows there is a coordinated effort in the GOP, for whatever reason, to focus on this messaging, this drug that has no proven benefit and is actually harmful to people. So what is the conclusion? The conclusion here is they’re trying to go against evidence and science. Navarro essentially said medical doctors like myself and others are crying wolf and overreacting to COVID-19. The reaction and social distancing is going to cause more deaths than the virus itself. So what are they doing? They're basically attacking public health knowledge and the people that populate public health. So my message to Americans is they do not have your best interest at heart. They’re trying to win an election. That’s the reality here. And they’re trying to do it through disinformation."

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