VP Pence: The American People Need to Know that Our Future Is in Their Hands

‘We continue to make it clear that we want the American people to focus, and be attentive to their state and local authorities in areas where there is significant outbreak’


PENCE: “We have been working with Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the leading experts in infectious diseases in the world, and her team to try and model to where we think we are headed in the Coronavirus epidemic in this country. And late last week, looking at the progress we’ve made because of the mitigation efforts the millions of Americans put into effect over the last 15 days, and because of the strong efforts by states like Washington and California, New York, and New Jersey, she came forward to the President with the very latest numbers. But they are just projections and let me be very clear, we hope for better. And the American people need to know that our future is in their hands. That it is the reason why the President made the decision on the spot Saturday to extend for 30 more days the President’s Coronavirus guidelines for America.“

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