Conway on N. Korea: Obama ‘Was Handed the Nobel Peace Prize’ But Trump ‘Is on His Way to Earning One’

‘He made very clear, he made very clear to Chairman Kim himself, sanctions will continue on your country’


CONWAY: “Of course, President Obama was handed the Nobel peace prize but President Trump is on his way to actually earning one. That is because he has an obligation to at least meet with leaders and speak to other countries and try to bring peace where he can. And really to reduce the nuclear capabilities while sanctions continue. He's made very clear, he made very clear to Chairman Kim himself, 'Sanctions will continue on your country. But look at what could happen. Economic development and prosperity for your own people, if you would simply work with us to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.' He has been very clear and very transparent with the public and with the press right there every single time to see what is happening with conversations with Chairman Kim. And he also said, 'If it doesn’t work out, it doesn't work out.' He walked away from what he thought was a bad deal, as great negotiating businessmen do and politicians in Washington still don’t understand. He walked away from that deal. People were shocked because how can you walk away empty-handed? He walked away because this man is never in a rush to make a bad deal.”

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