Ana Navarro: ‘Trump Was Saying the Truth When He Said that Things Were Rigged’ It’s Rigged for Him

‘They had the help of the Russians’


NAVARRO: "Look, the Trump campaign and the Trump world — they are experts at pregaming and at spinning and, yes, remember when they talked about everything being rigged. It turns out they were right. Everything was rigged. It was rigged for them. They had the help of the Russians. They were rigging polls. We have now found out that in effect Donald Trump was saying the truth when he said that things were rigged. What he wasn’t saying is, that he was the beneficiary of that rigging. Look, you know, I think what we are seeing right now is that, yes, people have to tread carefully but I also think Kirsten's right. People remember Bill Clinton. Donald Trump is not going to get impeached and people are not going to react to the payment of hush money to Stormy Daniels or to a Playboy Bunny, but if we’re talking about working together with Russia in order to hack democratic institutions in the United States and compromise the integrity of the election, I think that’s an entirely different array of crimes because that goes into a level of national security and treason. People think he’s committed crimes, I’m not sure they know exactly which crimes. The American people do not believe, the majority of them, that Donald Trump is honest and we have seen time and time again evidence of malfeasance, pushing the envelope, crossing the line, bending the laws to benefit them. To me it’s about what crime, if any, is revealed under the investigation."

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