Fox News Guest Says Kim Jong Un ‘Sees Trump as Kind of Weak’: He Came ‘Halfway Around the World Twice’

‘Trump in some way might have just wanted to spend that as a great deal’


BREMMER: “Kim Jong Un decided that he was going to be a maximum list, he sat down and did not have any experience engaging in direct negotiations. He sees President Trump as weak and coming over halfway around the world twice. And he will take anything that I gave him. So he basically came, sat down, and nothing have been happening with the secretary of state of the U.S. And north Korean foreign ministers, all waiting for the meeting with Trump, and Kim Jong Un says, yes, I will open up a some of my program, and it will shut down one nuclear fuel facility in return, you and all of your sanctions. Just like that. And maybe Trump in some way might have just wanted to spend that as a great deal. But Trump is not there by he did not take it pretty walked away. That is the right move.”

(Via Mediaite)

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