Jack Keane: Trump’s Syria Pullout Is a ‘Serious Strategic Mistake’

‘When we prematurely withdraw forces because we’re frustrated of it or tired of the time it took — ‘


KEANE: "First of all, you and your viewers know because we have been talking about Trump’s foreign policy and national security decisions for almost two years now. And I have agreed with most of of them. But this I believe is a serious strategic mistake that will have dire consequences. I think it’s a decision the President will come to regret, and here is why. You mentioned the obvious analogy is a simple one. And it’s this. How you end a conflict is more important than how you start one, and history will tell you that. When we stayed post World War II Germany, Italy, Japan, we helped to stabilize those countries. We did the same thing in Bosnia-Herzegovina. When we prematurely withdraw forces because we are frustrated or tired by the time it took, Vietnam, Iraq, and now Syria, the consequences are usually unfavorable and quite dire.”

(Via Mediaite)

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