Jim VandeHei: Just What We Know So Far from Mueller Is ‘Extraordinarily Damning’ to Trump

‘We now know that more than a half dozen people around Trump had contacts with the Russians’


VANDEHEI: "We talk in anticipation of what Mueller will have in his report. And what I was trying to point out is just what you know is extraordinarily damning. Like, we now know that more than a half dozen people around Trump had contacts with the Russians. And it wasn’t just a half dozen people. You are talking about his eldest son, his campaign manager, his lawyer and closest business confidant, Flynn who was easily his top adviser throughout that campaign. And all of these people had these meetings enthusiastically, most of them then lied about it, and now we know that there was business dealings, negotiations going on between Cohen and the Russians for a property in Moscow that even after that these contacts continued, that the U.S. intelligence apparatus came to a unanimous conclusion, everyone except for Trump said undoubtedly the Russians were trying to influence the U.S. election.”

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