Mark Warner: Russia Attacked Us to Help Trump and Hurt Clinton

‘They did it in effort to help Trump and hurt Clinton’


HOST: "Let me shift gears and ask you about the Senate Intelligence Committee, you're the ranking Democratic member. When are you guys going to release your report, senator, and why didn't you do it before the election?"
WARNER: "We actually respect the notion that people shouldn't interfere in elections 60 days before hand, which is I think also what Mueller -- I believe his -- his process. Remember our report will have 5 portions, and four of those portions we're already done with. Let me very quickly go through. The 1st was unanimously, we basically validated the intelligence community's findings that Russia attacked us through hacking in cyber warfare, they attacked 21 of our state's electoral systems, they manipulated social media, and they did it in an effort to help Trump and hurt Clinton. We came out with that announcement and report early in the year."

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