Scarborough Mocks W.H. Claim John Kelly Was Upset Because There Was No Full Breakfast

‘John Kelly was very distressed yesterday at Donald Trump humiliating our NATO allies’


SCARBOROUGH: "Alex, I can’t do the show. I thought I was going to have a full breakfast this morning. You’ve given me pastries."
UNKNOWN: "We’ll be on the continental breakfast — is that really a reason to get upset?"
BRZEZINSKI: "Not really."
SCARBOROUGH: "The White House said yesterday that the White House Chief of Staff, for those of you just way too slow to pick this up —"
BRZEZINSKI: "I got it."
SCARBOROUGH: "Hold on one second —"
BRZEZINSKI: "I don’t like —"
GEIST: "He didn’t like the cheeses."
SCARBOROUGH: "So, actually, John Kelly was very distressed yesterday at Donald Trump humiliating our NATO allies. When asked why he was so distressed, he said it wasn’t the fact that he was tearing to shreds 70 years of American alliances that have kept us in the center of the world, the White House said, instead, he was displeased because he was hoping for a full breakfast and they only had pastries and cheeses. That really is when you just stop trying, Jon Meacham."

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