Mark Meadows on N. Korea: Trump’s ‘Serious About the Punitive Measures, He Won’t Blink’

‘Having spoken to the president a number of times and knowing him, he’s serious about making a deal but he’s serious about the punitive measures’

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MEADOWS: "Well, if I was North Korea, I can give them a real message. Having spoken to the President a number of times and knowing him, he’s serious about making a deal but he’s also serious about the punitive measures and he won’t blink. You know, it's interesting, Nancy Pelosi comes out and says that, but this is the same Nancy Pelosi that says, 'Oh, gosh, he’s going to cut a bad deal, he’s going to go no matter what.' You can’t have it both ways. I can tell you this president and Secretary Pompeo know how to negotiate and yet at the same time China is going to have to determine who they’re going to deal with. I believe in the end, they know it’s better to align with the United States than the North Korean dictator."

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